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Cerealizing, Or, You Can’t Get It From Here

I like cereal for breakfast. But as a not-on-meds Type 2 diabetic ALSO on a low-salt diet, even most of the “healthy/health food/oragnic” cereals — heck, even plain old oatmeal — aren’t something I can do a bowl of. I need something that’s low in carbohydrates (sugars and starches), and low in salt.  High in fiber’s good, too.

And even if I didn’t have these restrictions, I’d want something that didn’t use corn syrup or much in the way of whacky chemicals. (Yes, I ate stuff like that when I was a kid, who didn’t? I was also happy to have frozen spinach or lima beans (heated), or clam chowder (the red stuff, not that weird white stuff), but that’s another post…) Continue reading

Long-Stem Artichokes!

I saw these last year at Whole Foods, but was put off by the price ($3.99 or $4.99, don’t remember which), and by the time I went back, none were there.


Just saw them for the first time this year, earlier today, $3.99 each, stems somewhat shorter than what I recall from last year.  Have grabbed three, and they’re scheduled as part of dinner.