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Welcome to Dern Near Everything Else

Welcome to Dern Near Everything Else, my blog for all the stuff that doesn’t belong in my Trying Technology tech-oriented blog, like stuff I’m reading, listening to, watching, or doing, and other trying and non-trying aspects of life. (There will be some inevitable overlap into and from the tech arena, I expect.)

Like my Trying Technology blog, part of the reason for Dern Near Everything Else is to provide a home for stuff I haven’t (yet) gotten assignments to do from other sites/publications, follow-up musings to things I’ve already written, and other what-not. (If you’re an editor, and want to buy something from me, whether from/based on blog entries or something else entirely, or don’t hesitate to contact me, of course!)

And now… on to near everything else (other than trying technology)!

Daniel Dern