Arisia 2016 – A few words and a first batch of pix

Arisia, one of the greater Boston area’s three annual science fiction conventions (the others being Boskone and ReaderCon), remains my favorite place to bring my camera gear to — and to simply have fun at. Here’s pix of two of the bestest costumes I saw:

Dr. Fate (Nabu) (from DC Comics)

Dr. Fate (Nabu) (from DC Comics) hanging around

DanielDern-Arisia2016-DSC08657-DogCosplay (Armored Polar Bear, from Phillip Pullman’s THE GOLDEN COMPASS (book and movie).)

Hence this first batch of pix. More pix soon!

Arisia 2016, held Friday January 15 through Monday January 18, 2016, filled the Westin Boston Seaport  Hotel with cosplayers and hall costumes galore, as part of a large attendance ranging from babies in Batgear to non-wizard greybeards (me, for example), doing everything from anime, LARPing and tabletop gaming to filking, costume work, buying stuff, and attending panels.

My program participation — doing my magic show and story reading for kids in DragonsLair — sadly time-conflicted with getting to GoH John Scalzi’s reading. (Happily, I’d been to his reading at the Sasquan WorldCon back in August.)

I’ve still got hundreds of pix to go through… but meanwhile, here’s a near-dozen, including my two favorite costumes. I don’t know if they’re going to be in the Masquerade tonight, or were just hall costumes, but either way, they get my votes. (I don’t know if the big furry one qualifies in “young fan division” 🙂

(I’m also still working on tags — I took pix of most of my subjects’ badges for reference, but don’t hesitate to ping me with info… or, if it’s you, for the full-res image.)

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